Essay on water is life in english

Save Water, Save Planet!.

Save Water Save Life Essay

The whole world is now united to solve such global issue of water depletion. Otherwise, if an organism does not obtain the required amount of water for several days, it dies. We can clearly imagine that, in the near future there would be much shortage of clean water all over the world.

This precious element is needed for agricultural sector and for various industries too. Water refinery systems partially solve the problem for humans who are beyond such a barrier. Planting drought resistant plants is better way to save water. Most of India receives rain in monsoon, we need to conserve this valuable water.

Why we should Save Water In order to know the answer of why we should save water, first we should know the importance of water means how the water is valuable to us in our life.

Water is used for various important purposes: Nowadays Scientists are talking about the life on Mars as they found some frozen water and moisture in Air.

Thus, the concentration of mineral will be diluted and it will be less likely to develop mineral crystals of urine. Men began establishing themselves from the Tigris, the Nile, and the Euphrates.

Short Essay on Importance of Water

Not only for drinking water is essential for domestic use like washing, cleaning, moping, cooking and even for agriculture and industrial use including power plant. Importance of Water Conservation Cycle of nature is completely depends on water.

Irrigation ensures proper plant growth. It is the huge shortage or absence of fresh water resources all over the world.

Water is the main source of fisheries. Without making delay it is needed to repair all leakage in house to prevent unnecessary water loss. Rivers plays an important role in developing major cities in India as transportation is much easier through river.

Water is precious and we should not waste it. Importance of Water Water is so important since beginning of life that all the major civilization take place near the river in the world. Select Page Save Water Essay Save water is an initiative to promote water conservation among people in order to maintain the presence of clean water on the earth in future.

The vast expanse of oceans and seas has been the source of food and the major means of traveling. People in the rural villages of India, Africa and Asia have to go for long around 3. Rain water harvesting is good idea for the purposes like use in toilet, watering garden, etc so that clean water can be saved for drinking and cooking purposes.

So, here in the first section of the article, we are giving 10 plus few more points or 10 lines on save water in English. In this section we are presenting five essays on Save Water Save Life in different word limit for you to analyzing the importance of water in our life; also with solutions to conserve water for the survival of living beings on the earth.

Apart from water used as drinking, it also has various uses such as washing, cooking, cleaning etc. This will ensure our rivers are fed throughout the year by the moist soil. It can help you prevent hangovers just after alcohol consumption. Long and Short Essay on Save Water Save Life in English Essay on Save Water Save Life: Importance of Water – Essay 1 ( Words) Water is the second substance after.

WATER ESSAY The first thing water reminds us of is the clear liquid in our water bottles.

Save Water Save Life Essay

However, water is more than a normal substance. which will consist of English Language Comprehension, Short Précis, Letter Writing & Essay).

So, Properties of Water Water is essential for life as we know it. Essay on Water. By Lauren Bradshaw. April 30, Example Essays. but not unique, properties of water for life are that water is liquid at normal temperatures over much of the earth and that water is transparent.

If water were not liquid, nutrients could not flow from soil to the roots of plants, blood could not circulate, and bodies of. Short Essay on Importance of Water. Category: Natural Resources On December 18, By Ravi Sharma. Importance of Water. Water is used for various important purposes: Water in Agriculture.

Short Essay on Water

wildlife and recreation facilities play an important role in nation’s life and adequate water supplies for their continued development and. Water is arguably the most important resource on Earth. This sample essay discusses the significance of treating water with due care for the entire humanity.

Remedy: During the monsoon, many areas of India are flooded, causing widespread damage to life and property and this enormous quantity of water is allowed to flow down into the sea. Rain water harvesting can help in preservation of rain water, which can be used later for several purposes.

Essay on water is life in english
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